Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Moving Binder Version 2.0

Last time we moved, I explained the importance of having a moving binder to keep yourself organized.  You’re already stressed enough during a move, so why make it worse by not having yourself as organized as possible?

This time, I have changed up our moving binder some.  Before, I had both a moving binder and a packing notebook.  That was just too much to keep track of, so I have combined them into one.

In the very front of the binder, I have my to-do lists.  I created one for every week leading up to the move and add to it as need be.  This helps make sure that everything is done in a timely manner and also they everything in the apartment is packed and ready to go.

The first section of the binder is Calendars and Appointments.  When moving, you’re going to have so much going on, that it’s going to be hard to remember when you scheduled an appointment to get a quote from a mover.  Since we had a tentative move date set 4 months ahead of time, I printed calendars from May through October.  For a normal move, I would print two months before the move month, the move month, and then the month afterwards.  

I would recommend adding any appointments that are pertinent to your move to these calendars, such as appointments to have utilities turned on and off, meetings with movers, etc.  Also, it helps to make a plan for packing, so you can add this to your calendar as well.  Pack the living room one day, the kitchen the next, etc leading you up to moving day.

The second section of my binder is Utilities.  I created a worksheet so that I can could write in when utilities are going to be disconnected at our apartment and when they are going to be turned on at our house.

We’re planning on hiring professional movers to handle this move, so the next section of my binder will be used to store quotes from different moving companies.  Then, after we decided on a moving company, I will add the contract and any other important information.

The next section of my binder is to holding receipts related to moving.  This will include any rentals, as well as items we purchase such as boxes or bubble wrap.  That way if anything we purchase doesn’t get used, we know where the receipt is that we can return it for our money back.

The last section of my binder is the Box Inventory.  Last move I used a notebook to house this information, but I realized it made for sense to include everything in the same binder.

I printed out a spreadsheet for each room with the numbers of the boxes already written on it.  When I pack a box, all I have to do is write what is in the box on the spreadsheet and then write the number on the box.  I also inserted columns on the spreadsheet that say whether the box has been loaded, unloaded, and unpacked.  This will help me keep track of where the boxes are at all times and make sure nothing gets left behind.

Moving is so much easier when you have everything together and easily to find.

How do you keep yourself and your family organized while moving?

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