Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wife on a Budget Blog Policies


This website is a happy, informative place where friends come together to share ideas, inspiration, and encouragement.  With that said, nasty comments and personal attacks on the me or any of the other commenters will not be tolerated.  All comments are moderated before they are posted and I reserve the right to edit, delete, or not publish any comments.  Comments that are advertising or spam are immediately deleted.

Sponsors & Affiliates

Sponsors ads appear on the right hand side of all pages and are businesses personally endorsed by Wife on a Budget.  Sponsors pay a monthly rate to appear on this website's sidebar.  All sponsor inquiries should be directed to me through the Advertising/PR page.  I love my sponsors, so please be kind to them and shop their stores!  They help keep this blog running!


If you have a product that you think the readers of Wife on a Budget would be interested in, please contact me through the Advertising/PR page.  Please provide your name, the company you represent, and information/links to what you would like to give away.  I will personally review your company and products for relevance and value to the readers of Wife on a Budget.  

Product Reviews

If you have a product that you would like to ship to me to review, please email me through the Advertising/PR page to inquire if I would be interested.  Items sent to me for review will not be returned to the company.

I will only post reviews of products that I was pleased with and would use again.  All reviews will include an honest review of the product and will include at least one link to your company website.  You will be notified of the date that your product will be reviewed on Wife on a Budget.  There will be a full disclosure at the bottom of every product review mentioning that the item was complimentary.

Affiliate Links

I do participate in multiple affiliate programs.  If there is an affiliate link used in a post, I will fully disclose this information at the bottom of the blog post.

Guest Submissions

Wife on a Budget will consider a guest post as long as it is original content and has not previously been published on other blogs or online magazine.

Your submission must be relevant to the readers of Wife on a Budget and should be related to home decorating, improvement, DIY, or saving money.  I reserve the right to correct grammer in your guest post.  Guest posts should be at least 500 words and include a minimum of 3 photographs (include a link to credit the source if they are not your original photographs).  No affiliate links are allowed.  You are welcome to include a short biography at the bottom of your guest post to include one link to your website or blog.

Please send all guest submissions to wifeonabudget@gmail.com

Copyright & Trademark

All of the text, images, and other content that are part of Wife on a Budget are property of the author, unless otherwise noted.  You are welcome to link to the blog, as long as the full title of the blog is included in your link.  You may not copy, reproduce, or duplicate any content on this blog, including photographs and articles.  

The owner of Wife on a Budget reserves the right to modify, change, or add to these policies at any time.

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