Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Packing Notebook

Another thing that I've learned in my multiple moves is that you need to know what is in each box.  It's always a pain when you're looking for something and have to go through every single box for that room to find it.  And of course it's always in the last box.

This move I started a packing notebook.  It's nothing fancy, but it does the job.  I just took a standard notebook and created sections using post it tabs for each room in our apartment.  

When I'm getting ready to pack a box, the first thing I do is figure out which room it's going to go in.  Then, I flip to the tab for that room in my notebook.  I create a number for the box and then list everything that goes in that box underneath it.  Then, when I tape up the box, I write the room name and number on it.

Now, after all the boxes are in our new apartment and I'm looking for something, I'll be able to go to the packing notebook and find exactly which box that item is in.  Makes it much easier than digging through 20 boxes trying to find silverware.


  1. You make this whole organization thing look so easy. I'm taking this idea too. I feel like I dread moving just a little bit less now that you've made everything look so easy and organized!

  2. Brandi,
    I'm so glad I could help with your move! It's really not as bad as long as you're organized and start planning early.