Thursday, February 9, 2012

Carnival Freedom Review: Key West

Our first stop on this cruise was Key West.  Even though we're Floridians, we've never been to Key West, so I was very excited to visit.

We planned to walk from the cruise point to the Southernmost Point and then back.  For being January, it sure was hot!  Make sure to bring plenty of water if you are planning on doing this.

Key West was gorgeous and we would definitely go back again.  Not sure if I would make the drive, but would definitely do it on a cruise.

On to dinner for the night.

For appetizers, I ordered chips with salsa and guacamole and J ordered a chicken quesadilla.

For entrees, I ordered flat iron steak and J ordered a gourmet burger.

Sadly I don't have any pictures of dessert, but I ordered warm chocolate melting cake and J ordered strawberry cheesecake.

If you are interested in reading my full review, please head on over to Cruise Critic.


  1. Bah! You weren't at the real southernmost point :( I wish I would have told you before you went, but since y'all are military you could have gone to Truman Annex! I highly suggest making the trip to Key West one of these years, there are a lot of great military perks and its a wonderful place to vacation.

  2. time we go we'll have to go on base! We actually walked right past it heading back to the ship.