Friday, June 25, 2010

My Happy House Challenge Week #6

Okay, so I've really slacked off on this challenge.  Like seriously slacked off.

I'm determined to get back at it though, so here we go.

I made a spreadsheet that I'm going to keep on refrigerator.  Every day when I do the task, I'm going to check it off.  This will help keep me accountable and also help me remember to do the tasks.  

My husband has been really good at making the bed lately, so that is one thing that has been getting done.

Our dishwasher was broken for a little over a week, so we still have tons of dishes piled up on our counters.  So, as you can imagine, the empty the sink task, isn't happening right now.  It is fixed though, so we're working on tackling the pile.

We received a Shark Steam Mop for a wedding present and I broke it out the other night.  It's absolutely fantastic and definitely gets out floors clean.  They haven't been this clean since we moved into the apartment.

So, this upcoming week, I'm going to try to knock out all the tasks each day.  Here's the list of what needs to be done:

1. Make the bed.
2. Empty the sink.
3. Clear the clutter.
4. Sweep the floors.
5. Sort the mail.
6. Spray the shower

1 comment:

  1. Good idea on the spreadsheet! It's like the sticker charts we used to have as kids - those definitely helped motivate me!