Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

This has been a really long week, so I'm so happy it's Friday!  I've had some pretty exciting things happen this week though in between all the craziness.

1. I love my new entertainment center!  I blogged about it a couple days ago, but I'm still in love.  I finally got some DVDs in the drawers.

2. Had a great time celebrating with my Thirty-One sisters at our spring premier the other night.  Love getting out of the house for some girl time!

3. We got our Disney Annual Passholder magnet in the mail the other day!  I plan on washing my car this weekend so I can put it on there.

4. I placed my first Tastefully Simple order a couple weeks ago and it came in.  I can't wait to try out some of these delicious treats.

5. I think I'm the last person to actually see Frozen, but I finally watched it this week.  It was fabulous!

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  1. Be careful putting the magnet on your car. They get stolen regularly. It's sad I know. Mine never even made it to me. A friend's got stolen within 2 weeks of her getting it.

  2. Oh no. Maybe I won't put mine on my car then. :-( Wonder if I'm capable of making it into a vinyl decal for my window.