Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Current Home Project List

Yesterday I shared with you how and why you should create a home project and organization to do list.  Today, I want to share with you what mine looks like.  Even though we live in a brand new house, be forewarned that my list is extremely long.  There are so many things I want to tackle to make our house feel more like home.

- The Front & Side Yards -

To Do:
- Dig up the lantanas from around the tree and in our front flower bed
- Replace the lantanas with some other plant
- Pull out pine straw and replace with red mulch
- Edge flower beds with stone
- Add a decorative rock over sprinkler back flower for safety as well as looks
- Add fencing around AC unit
- Create a pathway from driveway to backyard gate
- Plant some flowers around flower bed

- The Front Porch -

To Do:
- Add some decorative cushions to the chairs to add color
- Add a couple potted plants
- Change out light fixture above door for a hanging pendant
- Paint front door a fun color (maybe garnet or teal)

- The Garage -

To Do:
- System to hang yard tools to get them off the ground
- Extra shelving units with storage bins to store all the stuff that needs to be in the garage
- Hanging storage shelves from the ceiling for seasonal storage
- Buy a deep freeze to store stockpile of meat and other frozen items

- The Living Room -

To Do:
- Replace the entertainment center for one that fits our TV better and has more storage for video games and DVDs
- Add some chairs and a side table for more seating
- Create an area to hang coats and bags for guests
- Replace coffee table with something bigger for more storage
- Storage for blankets and extra pillows
- Storage for dog toys
- Hang curtains

- The Dining Room -

To Do:
- Replace buffet with something bigger for more storage
- Add some shelves above buffet for decorative storage
- Buy bar stools for more seating

- The Kitchen -

To Do:
- Pantry Organization
- Spice Cabinet Organization
- Baking Cabinet Organization
- Baking Drawer Organization
- Pots/Pans Drawer Organization
- Cooking Utensil Organization
- Tupperware Organization
- Breakfast Drawer Organization
- Coffee Area Organization
- Under Sink Organization
- Serveware Organization
- Fridge/Freezer Organization
- Hang some art on the walls
- Add backsplash above the counters

- The Master Bedroom -

To Do:
- Hang curtains
- Storage for extra blankets and pillows
- Dresser organization
- Nightstand organization

- The Master Bathroom -

To Do:
- Organize bathroom drawers
- Organize under sink
- Hang shelves above toilet for decorative storage
- Paint
- Hang curtain on window above bathtub

- The Master Closet -

To Do:
- Better storage for shoes
- Organization for chunky necklaces
- Storage for out of season clothes
- Storage for J’s military clothes

- The Desk Area -

To Do:
- System for incoming/outgoing mail
- System for Thirty-One files
- System for bill paying and filing
- Master calendar for all household activities

- The Laundry Room/Mudroom -

To Do:
- Add cabinets and drying bar above washer and dryer
- Bins for storage in mudroom cubbies
- Hooks for hanging keys

- The Guest Bathroom -

To Do:
- Paint
- Organization of medicine cabinet
- Under sink organization
- Drawer organization
- Add new towel bar with shelving for additional storage
- Organize linen closet

- The Office -

To Do:
- Storage and organization of scrapbook items
- Decorative storage for Jason’s swords and other collectibles
- Storage for books
- Storage for Thirty-One display items

- The Nursery -

This is kind of our catch-all area for the time being.  We will not be doing anything with this room until we are ready to add another member to our family.

- The Backyard/Back Porch -

To Do:
- Screen in porch
- Add deck on back of house
- Plant a vegetable garden
- Plant a herb garden
- Buy some furniture for the back

As you can see, some of the stuff is way down the road items (like adding a deck), but these are all things we hope to eventually accomplish in this house.  The main things right now are the organizing and making the house more liveable.  

What are some of the items on your list that you hope to tackle in 2014?

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  1. Such a beautiful place...congratulations and hope you get through that to do list...