Monday, July 22, 2013

House Updates

This past week has been an exciting and stressful one in regards to our house.

We scheduled a meeting with our project manager on Friday to look through the house and found a few issues.

The biggest issue is that a lot of our cabinets are incorrect.  The master bathroom cabinet only has 3 drawers instead of 4, the guest bathroom cabinet was missing drawers completely, and two banks of cabinets in the kitchen were supposed to be a bank of drawers instead of cabinets.  Thankfully the builder got on this issue really quickly and the cabinets will be fixed by the end of this week.

We also found some smaller issues that we're hoping will get fixed just as quickly.  We're missing a hose bib on the outside of the house and the posts on the front porch look weird (we're not sure if they'll actually fix this issue or not).  Also, they were planning on connecting our fence to our neighbor's fence, but when we were out there we realized that their fence was inside their property line so this is not possible.

I did bring back some pictures from our meeting though!

They actually installed the windows in the garage door wrong, so the project manager fixed them while we were there.  The windows are now two semi-circles instead of mismatched like they look in the picture above.

I can't wait to show you pictures next week of the corrected cabinets with the granit installed!

This is the desk area.  It will have the same granite as the kitchen.

This is the mudroom area.  The door you see to the left is the door to the garage, so it's easily accessible as you walk in.

This is the incorrect master bathroom cabinet.  When it's finished, it will have two smaller drawers and two larger drawers.

This is the incorrect guest bathroom cabinets.  When it's finished, it will have two small drawers above the cabinet.  The builder was also talking about making this larger because it looks too small for the space.  Not sure if they'll be doing that or not.

The exciting news from the meeting was all the plans they have for the house this week.  By the end of the week, they plan to have completely finished the wood floors, installed the new corrected cabinets, install the granite in the kitchen and office space, install the laminate countertops in the bathrooms, add shelves to all the closets, install the under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, and possibly have the sod and landscaping complete.

We also got the best news of the day while we were there!  The project manager hopes to have the house completed in the next 3 weeks!  So as long as there are no issues and the bank doesn't drag their feet, we'll hopefully have the keys to our house before Labor Day weekend!

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