Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Open House #1

On Sundays, I love looking through the real estate pages and seeing what houses are for sale.  J and I are going to start actively house hunting in the next couple of months, so we decided to start attending some open houses to see what our options are.

The first one I saw was a foreclosure in one of my favorite neighborhoods.  It is listed at $173,900 and is currently the cheapest house in the neighborhood.

The first thing I loved about the house was that it was two stories.  I've always dreamed about having a two story house.

There was tile throughout the entire kitchen and living room area, which is pretty common in Florida.

Off of the living room, there is a little study area as well as a decent sized laundry room.

The kitchen was a nice size, with an small opening looking out on the living room.  All the appliances were included with the house.  The downside to the kitchen is the U-shape.  It would get crowded if J and I were trying to cook together.

 We were liking the house until we went into the master bedroom.  The master bedroom is located on the first floor in the hallway when you walk into the house.  The room was small and the bathroom was even smaller!

We headed upstairs where there is a small nook area, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.  The bedrooms on the second floor were a decent size and the bathroom wasn't too bad either.  Perfect for an office and a kid's room.

The garage is in the back of the house without a covered walkway to the back door.  It's not what I'd prefer, but something we could deal with.  The back yard was really small and sloped.  It would be fine for a dog, but I definitely wouldn't let a child play out there.

All in all, it was a nice house, but was not what we were looking for.

Now the house next door is a different story...

All pictures borrowed from Century 21 First Realty's site.

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