Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012

I've always made New Year resolutions, but I rarely meet them.  This year I'm just going to call them Goals for 2012.  It doesn't make it sound as official.  :-)

1. Lose 25 pounds
I'm at an unhealthy weight and I need to correct that before we start trying to conceive.

2. Figure out our plans regarding medical school
Our lives (and where we're living) is up in the air until we figure out whether J is going to get into medical school or not.  I want to have that all figured out this year so that we can put a plan in place for our life.

3. Get a raise
When I started my job, I got low-balled and make drastically less than the rest of the employees in our department.  A raise would definitely put J and I in a better place.

4. Dedicate more time to my blogs
I've been neglecting both of my blogs lately and I need to make more of an effort to blog more.

There it is.  Nothing too hard or unattainable.  Looking forward to a great 2012.

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