Friday, October 7, 2011

Christmas Presents: No More Rack

Since Christmas is coming up so quickly (I can't believe it's already October!) I thought I would do a series on how to save some money on Christmas presents.  I will post something every Friday for the next Monday (maybe November too if I come up with more ideas) to help you get some Christmas presents for free or at least cheap.

The first deal I'm going to highlight is one of my favorites.

NoMoreRack is a daily deal site which has a ton of great deals, but they have an even cooler referral program.  Their referral program is called FriendRack and it's a great way to get free stuff for just referring your friends to their website.

All you have to do is sign up for NoMoreRack and then share your referral codes with all your friends and family.  They are not required to buy anything and neither are you.  All you have to do is sign up!  

The more friends you get to sign up, the better the deals are.  Deals start out at 20 friends for a hair straightener and go up to 1250 friends for an awesome TV.  Their prizes change all the time, so if you don't see anything that interests you now, check out later.

If you are able to get a ton of your friends to sign up, you could definitely score some awesome Christmas presents for FREE!

This post contains my referral link for NoMoreRack.  If you are going to sign-up, I would greatly appreciate you do it through my link so that I can work on getting some free Christmas presents as well!

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