Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great Prices on New Amazon Kindles

Amazon came out with new Kindles yesterday and they're amazing!  

The new standard Kindle is smaller (with the same size screen as the older Kindle) and does not have a keyboard.  You can buy it for $79 with special offers or $109 without them.

They also now have a Kindle Touch, which has a full touchscreen.  You can get this one for $99 with special offers and $139 without the special offers.

They also still have the older style Kindle that has the keyboard.  This one is $99 with special offers and $139 without.

Now the next thing is what I'm most excited about. The Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's answer to a tablet.  It's a full-color 7" tablet with a multi-touch display.  It's Wi-Fi enabled, so you can read books, watch movies, and browse the internet.  You also have full access to the Amazon App Store.  The exciting part is that it's only $199!  That is a fantastic price for a tablet.  

I'm a little concerned about how small the screen is, but I think I can make do with that size screen for the price.  

Are you planning on getting on of the new Amazon Kindles?  I think they would make great Christmas gifts!

This post was not compensated by Amazon.  I just saw the great deals and wanted to share.

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