Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Moved!

We're finally moved!  Still a ton of boxes left to unpack and stuff to buy, but we're slowly getting settled in.

Of course, moving didn't come without frustrations.

We came to check out our new apartment the Wednesday before we moved and found out that there were tons and tons of horrible stains all over our carpet.  We ended up getting brand new carpet installed the day before we were supposed to get the keys.  That was definitely stressful.  Love our new carpet though!

On moving day, we went to pick up the Uhaul truck and the place we were renting from did not have any furniture pads for us (we requested a dozen).  So, I was stressed that something was going to get damaged while moving.  Ended up putting two small holes in our couch.  One is in a place where I can easily sew it and it won't be terribly noticeable.  I'm not sure how I'm going to patch the other one yet.

J went to hook up our dryer the other day.  Our dryer has a 3 plug cord, but apparently our new apartment has a 4 plug outlet.  So, now we have to rewire our dryer so that we can plug it in.

All in all, we're extremely happy with our new place and can't wait to get settled in and share pictures with you.

What were some of the frustrations that you had during your last move?


  1. Fun! Congrats on your new place!

    We had a hard time getting our mail after we switched it over. We didn't get any mail for a few weeks.

  2. Ugh...that sounds like a pain! Thankfully even though we put mail off until last minute, we seem to getting most of it.

  3. Congratulations! Our struggles were mostly related to closing... everyone has a horror story. Now we do too. Thankfully, once we finally closed the actual move went smoothly.

  4. Hello newest follower from the hop look forward to reading your posts