Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recent Purchases

Getting closer and closer to being unpacked now!

We have a lot of gift cards from our wedding, so I've been doing some shopping for new items for the apartment.  We needed new bedding since we got a bigger bed, plus we needed new bathroom items and some new kitchen stuff.

Got today from RueLaLa for $129.90.  I had some credit, so it was free.  It's a 9 cup Kitchenaid food processor.  My favorite part about it is that it has a 4 cup mini bowl as well to handle the smaller jobs.

If you sign up through my affiliate link through August 23rd, you'll get a $10 credit to use on whatever you want a RueLaLa.  (Disclosure: I will also receive a $10 credit when you make your first purchase)

Got this comforter set from Target for $119.99.  It's a lot prettier in person because there's a subtle pattern.  I also love that it is oversized, so it almost covers our ginormous mattress.

I also got this bath rug from Target for $29.99.  It's the softest bath rug ever!  I wouldn't normally buy a white rug (or spend $30 on one!), but it's so soft I couldn't resist.  The stripe is brown, so it will go with pretty much everything.

This coverlet from Kohls was definitely a splurge for me.  It's Vera Wang and it cost $119.99, which was the small price as our comforter set.  It's gorgeous though and so soft.  I'm going to tuck it between the sheets and the comforter to give our bed some color.

I also picked up some towels from Kohls to go with our new bath rug.  The bath towels were $7.99 each and the hand towels were $6.99.  I got a brown color to match the stripe on the rug.

I also got us a new trash can from Kohls for $89.99.  It's touchless, so you just wave your hand above it and it opens for you.  We've always used cheap plastic trash cans, so I'm definitely excited to have a nice one for once.

Have you made any recent purchases?  I would love to hear about them.

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  1. WOW i love the coverlet and the idea to put it between the comforter and the sheets for a pop of color. what a great idea !!! i also love blue and brown together !

    the only recent home purchase i've made (for my new kitchen i just redid) was a toaster. couldnt decide if i wanted to spend a lot or a little so i got the "a lot" kitchenaid and it was damaged when i opened the box ! promptly returned for the "a little" version at target and got a cute red oster toaseter for $34. not bad !!!