Monday, July 11, 2011

Shaklee Basic H Review and Giveaway

For those who haven't heard of Shaklee, it's a company that makes green products for your health and home.  These products are non-toxic, all natural, and hypoallergenic.  These products are great if normal chemicals make you feel sick from their smell.

I was sent a sample of the Get Clean Basic H product.  This little capsule holds enough solution to make a 16 oz. bottle of all-purpose cleaner and a 16 oz. bottle of glass cleaner.  All you have to do is take an empty spray bottle and fill it up with 16 oz. of water.  Then, follow the directions on how much solution to add to the bottle to make the correct cleaner.  Easy peasy!

While cooking dinner last night, I made a huge mess!  I got pasta sauce all over our kitchen and by the time I went to clean it up after dinner, it had started drying.  I knew this was going to be a pain to clean up.  I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to do a review of the Basic H all-purpose cleaner.

*I'm embarrassed to show you these pictures, but I do what I have to do*



I sprayed a little bit of the Basic H on the surface and wiped it up.  There was still some caked on sauce, so I sprayed some Basic H on it and walked away for a couple minutes.  When I came back, it wiped out without any scrubbing at all.  I was amazed by how easy it was.



Basic H got our laminate counters just as clean as the stove!  

I was very impressed with how well the Basic H all-purpose cleaner worked.  There was no smell to it either!  

Giveaway ends 07/19/2011

5 readers will now have the chance to win a sample bottle of Shaklee Basic H.  This little bottle will make you a 16 oz. bottle of all-purpose and a 16 oz. bottle of glass cleaner.  

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  1. I love trying homemade house cleaners, would love to try this!

  2. We only use green products at our house.

  3. We are big fans of Clorox wipes but I have been wanting to try more greener with my cleaning.