Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Selling on Craigslist

Since we're buying a lot of new furniture when we move, I decided that we should try to make some money off the items we're getting rid of.  Since we live in an apartment and can't have a yard sale, the easiest way to try and sell items is through Craigslist.

The first thing you need to do is take stock of the items that you want to sell.  Make a list of those items and mark any noticeable flaws on them so that you can mention them in your listing.  Also, start thinking of how much you want to get for that item.

After you decide what you want to sell, take pictures of the items.  You are able to include four pictures with your listing and I recommend using them all.  The more pictures you have, the more likely someone is going to contact you about the product.  Make sure to take one picture of the full product and use the other three to highlight unique features or flaws in the furniture.

You've probably noticed that I've mentioned flaws a couple times.  Don't try to hide the flaws in your furniture.  If you do, someone might look at the listing and love your item and want to come buy it.  Then, when they come to purchase it, they'll notice the flaw and you might end up losing the sale.  That's a waste of both your time and the buyers.  Highlight the flaws in your original post and then the buyer can decide whether they're interested in the product or not.

After you have great pictures of your items, it's time to list your items.  Make sure to list your items only in your city and ones in a reasonable driving area (30 minutes to an hour max).  Rarely anyone is going to drive 2 hours for your old, beat up dining room table.

The title should make the item stand out, but also allow the person to know what you're selling.  "Dining room table" might not get a lot of hits, but a title with more information like "Like New, Black Dining Room Table w/ Chairs" is likely to interest more people.

In the title, they ask the price of your item.  Take a look around Craigslist and see how much similar items are listed for.  That will help you decide the price of your item.  You can also OBO (or best offer) to your listing so people know that you are willing to haggle on the price.  That might help you get some more hits.  I always list my items a little higher than what I think they'll sell for and then include OBO.  Then, when people want to haggle and you accept their offer, they'll feel like they're getting a great deal.

In your listing, list any important information about the item.  List exactly what the item is (with the brand/where it was bought from, if you know it), how old it is, colors, and any flaws.  Also, it would be great if you could include the measurements of the item.  That way someone can take those measurements and see if the item will fit in their home.

 Word of Caution: Craiglist has been the place of a lot of scams lately.  If you receive an email about your item and it's suspicious at all, do not respond to it.  Never offer to ship your product to anyone and do not accept money through mail or online.  Make sure someone else is with you when they come to look at the item.  There is strength in numbers.  Only accept cash for your items.  People can easily rip you off with checks.

I hope this post helped you make some money off of your unwanted items on Craiglist.  

What are you best tips for selling on Craigslist?

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  1. When I've sold things on craigslist, I've made sure that I list things separately. Oftentimes I see others selling on CL list numerous items in one post - I find that I get more hits on items I'm selling if I make a separate post for each individual item.