Monday, June 27, 2011

Dining Furniture

My grandparents visited over the weekend and we went out looking for furniture.  While we were out, I stumbled a table that I'm in love with.

The table is from Pier 1.  The table comes in the brown that's in the picture as well as black and white.  I'm leaning towards the black (sadly they don't have a picture of it online).  The brown is gorgeous, but I hate the chairs that coordinate with and I think it would be too hard to find chairs to match the color of it.

The table is extendable, so I can keep it as a circle or a oval, whichever I need at the time.  I will most likely keep it in a circle most of the time because our current dining room isn't that large.

Since I hate the chairs that coordinate with the table, I had to go on the hunt for different chairs.  I came across this pretty ones at Target.  I think they match nicely.

I like how the little detailing on the chair legs match up with the pedestal on the table.

Looks like a perfect match to me!  What do you think?

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