Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CritterGear Collar Review

We have had our cat Freckles for about a little over a year now and we have gone through FIVE collars in this time.  All of them have been bought for a big box pet store and have had multiple problems, from not staying connected to getting stuck and having to be cut off her neck because the clasp wouldn't come apart.

After cutting the one of her neck, I knew I needed to find something else for her.  I started searching and came across CritterGear.  They have tons of different products for pets, but I was interested in their breakaway collars.

CritterGear has a ton of different patterns for you to choose from and they're only $10 so you can buy one for each holiday or season!  I love when pets wear cute collars for Christmas.

All of the collars are machine washable, which is great for a messy kitty like mine!  They also all come with a removable bell.  The bell is a little more quiet than what I'm used to on her other collars, so I don't always hear her sneaking up on me.

One thing that I love about Critter Gear is that all their items are hand made.  I feel that brings a lot higher quality product than mass produced items.

I've been using the CritterGear collar on Freckles for a couple weeks now and it seems to be working well. She hasn't found a way to get the collar off yet and the breakaway clasp is still in great working condition.  The collar is very well made and I think it will last her for a good while.

Ignore the mess on the floor in the picture.  She over turned her bowl and I haven't taken the vacuum to it yet.

I'm very happy with the overall quality of the collar and I think Freckles is too!

If you're frustrated with the mass produced collars and want something different, I highly recommend checking out CritterGear.

I was not compensated for this post.  CritterGear provided me with a collar for this review.

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