Monday, May 2, 2011

We Signed a Pre-Lease!

We decided that the other apartment was a better fit for us, so this weekend we went and signed the pre-lease.  We are officially moving at the end of July!  

The apartment complex requires residents to give a 60 day notice of when they're going to terminate their lease, so we should be able to sign an actual lease in June and have an apartment assigned to us.  I can't wait until we get to that stage so I can start ordering checks and moving announcements with our new address on them.  We're probably going this week to look at the apartment complex again and get some pictures of the model, so hopefully I'll be able to share those with you shortly.

With us moving, this will sure give me tons of new topics to discuss on the blog.  I plan on doing a lot of organizing of things before we pack, so I'll be sure to share that with you.  I also have a great moving strategy that we use that I want to highlight.  Then, when we actually move, I will have a whole new place to decorate and you can come along for the ride!  I'm so excited to share all of this new information with you.

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