Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving Costs

The cost of moving is normally pretty expensive, but we have it worked out to where it's not going to cost us too much to move at all.  Thankfully we have money in savings to use for the move and then we will replenish that every month as we're saving money on our rent.

Since I'm a state employee, the apartment complex waived our application fee as well as the processing fee, which was a savings of $175.  When apartment hunting, I highly recommend asking if they offer any employer or student discounts.  It can help you save a lot of money.  So, since those were waived, we were only required to pay the refundable security deposit, which was $150.

When we move out of our current apartment, we're required to either get the carpets professionally cleaned or pay the complex $65 to get them cleaned.  We determined that in the end it was just going to be cheaper to give the apartment complex the money.  They're probably going to tear out our carpets anyways since we've lived there for 3 years, so no point in us paying to get the carpets cleaned when they're going to do that.

We will have to have our utilities transferred over to the new apartment which will be around a $50 charge.  Comcast requires us to pay a $30 charge to transfer our services, but my husband is going to call them and try to get that taken off.  It's ridiculous that we have to pay them a charge to switch an address in their system.

The cost of the moving truck and accessories will be around $65.  The moving truck rental is $19.95 and then we have to pay 89 cents a mile.  I figured we'd probably spend about $20 on mileage because the distance between the new place and the old place is only about 1.5 miles and we'll probably make a couple trips.  We're also planning on renting an appliance dolly as well as furniture covers to help protect our furniture and appliances.

Here's the breakdown of how much we're going to be spending on moving:

Security Deposit: $150
Carpet Cleaning: $65
Utilities: $50
Moving truck: $65

Total: $330

By moving to our new apartment, we will be saving $25 a month in rent.  That totals to $300 of savings in a year.  So after the first year of living in the new apartment, we will pretty much have negated all of our moving costs.

How much did your last move cost you?


  1. I tweeted about the crazy price Comcast wanted to charge us for installation since they said we couldn't self install (DH still had to tell the install guy how to do things..because we didn't have a Windows machine) I was tweeted back and was offered to have our install fees removed. Saved us around $100. If you can't find another way to have the move fee removed you could try that.

  2. Thanks Ann! If they won't take it off after spending time on the phone with them, we will definitely try that.

  3. I'd say our last move cost us about $500-600; we paid for movers to move us since we were consolidating a house and a storage unit into our new hours. We didn't want to have to move the furniture and heavy items ourselves. We packed everything ourselves and moved a bunch of the small stuff. It would have cost us more, but the moving company charged us a lower rate and no mileage since they are only a few miles from where we live.