Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Since this was our first married Christmas together, we thought it would be nice to start our own tradition for our family.  

We decided that we were going to start buying a new ornament every year that had some kind of significance to that year.  Since we were married this year, we though it was fitting to get a newlywed ornament.

The front says "First Christmas Together" and the back says "2010, Mr & Mrs has such a nice ring to it".  It has two little rings inside of it to make it a bell.

It's the perfect ornament to document our first year together.

Does your family have any traditions?


  1. How cute is that? :) That's a great tradition to start! My fiance's family does this and it'd be a great one to start ourselves too. Glad you had a nice 1st Christmas as a newlywed :)

  2. This was our first married Christmas too (by 7 days!) and we bought an ornament that represents the town we live in because his mom had already gotten us the "our first christmas" ornament.

  3. We got that same ornament! It is very cute. Both my husbands mom and my mom get us ornaments every year. We just had our first baby on Christmas Eve so now we'll have to do something even more special!

  4. We were given that cute ornament by a friend of ours! Since we are celebrating our 1st Christmas as a married couple, everyone in our family ended up giving us "1st Christmas" ornaments. We have 5 of them now!