Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project 365

Well, I did pretty good for the first month.  Only missed one day!

09.20.2010 -- Got a nice letter in the mail from my Carnival PVP

09.21.2010 -- Using the lobby as my office while my computer was being fixed.

09.22.2010 -- Traded in our Coke Rewards points for Universal Tickets.

09.23.2010 -- One of my new favorite movies.

09.24.2010 -- Mellow for lunch.  Yum!

09.25.2010 -- Marching Chiefs practicing for the FSU vs. Wake Forest game.

09.26.2010 -- Napping kitty

09.27.2010 -- Dinner at Olive Garden for our 6 month anniversary

I'm leaving out the picture from 9.28.2010.  It was a picture of my business card.  Too much personal information.

09.29.2010 -- Watching Hell's Kitchen

10.01.2010 -- Waiting for a bus after a trip to Westcott

10.02.2010 -- Our kitty knows the importance of books.

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