Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Favorite Kitchen Tools

Marta Writes did a post about her favorite kitchen tools, so I thought I would share mine with you.  Make sure to go check out Marta's list too.

  • Pasta spoon/stirrer (I used to have two and my hubby melted one.  Now I realized how often I use them because I always have to wash the one I have)
  • Tongs (I used this for everything!  They're great to have to cook stuff up on my indoor grill or to flip chicken in a pan)
  • Indoor grill/griddle (We can't have a grill at our apartment, but I love grilling up a steak.  This tastes just as good!  Pain in the butt to clean though)
  • Wooden cutting boards (I got mine from Ikea for under $10 and they are fabulous.  I can leave them on the counter because they're pretty and they're great to quickly chop up fruits and veggies.  Really easy to wash too.)
  • Rubber spatula (I use this all the time for baking and cooking.  I use it to make pasta sauce and also to mix up batters.  Very versatile.)

What cooking items can't you live without?

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