Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CSN Store Review (Coming Soon)

CSN Stores have given me the opportunity to review something from their over 200 stores.  That is very hard to choose from because they have everything from a bed to cookware.

As you know, I've been organizing my scrapbooking supplies lately, so I went looking for some organizational items that I could review.  I came across a few different ones that I like.  I just have to decide which one would be better for me.

I like this organizer because it will hold my paper and can be set on my desk so it's easily reachable.  The only downside is that it won't hold very much paper at all and I like to organize mine by color.

This cart would probably be a better option for me so that I have more drawers to separate stuff into.  The downside to this one though is that I'm not sure I have anywhere to store it.

Or I could get this one which has room to store paper and tons of other scrapbooking items.

So many choices!  

What do you use to store your scrapbook paper?


  1. http://www.scrapboxusa.com/ This is my dream scrapbooking storage area. I have all of the things that you have shown above. I also have many others as I beleive she who dies with the most paper wins. I like lots of drawers so that I can do themes and colors with the paper. Good luck!!!

  2. I like the middle one the best. The last one has two big drawers on the bottom to store lots of stuff. But if you want to organize them by color, shapes, etc. the middle ones gives you an extra two drawers to do that with verses just stacking them in the big drawers.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. I think I'm going to go with the one with the most drawers so that I can separate my paper into different drawers.

  4. I think you need to get me a bed. . .

    I like the middle one!