Friday, April 4, 2014

Guide to Animal Kingdom Attractions

Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite parks, but you can easily complete it in half of a day.  There are not too many attractions and there is a lot of walking trails to see animals.

Animal Kingdom, like other Disney World parks, is broken up into sections.  Here is my guide to attractions at Animal Kingdom.  I am not going to touch on the walking trails, since they're exactly like they sound: you walk around and look at animals.

Discovery Island

It's Tough to be a Bug
3D show featuring the characters from It's a Bug's Life.  The are special effects that include smells and other things.

Height Requirements: None
FP+ Available: Available, but not needed
Fear Factor: If you're sensitive to 3D, skip this one.  Also, if you or your kids are scared of bugs, don't go on this.


Kilimanjaro Safaris
Hop on a safari jeep and see real animals all around you.  Each ride is different.  This is my favorite ride at Animal Kingdom and I could ride it tons of times.

Height Requirements: None
FP+ Available: Available.  I normally ride first thing in the morning using standby and then again later in the day using FP.
Fear Factor: Road gets a little rough at points and there is an area where the bridge shakes, but nothing terribly scary.

Wildlife Express Train
The train takes you out to Rafiki Planet Watch.  Short ride that shows you some behind the scenes areas of Animal Kingdom.

Height Requirements: None
FP+ Available: Not Available
Fear Factor: Nothing scary about the train ride


Flights of Wonder
Show featuring birds

Height Requirements: None
FP+ Available: Not Available
Fear Factor: Only scary if you don't like birds

Kali River Rapids
White water rapid ride.  You are very likely to get wet.

Height Requirements: 38"
FP+ Available: Available and highly recommend if it's hot outside
Fear Factor: There are some drops, but they're not too bad.  The one main drop will take your breath away, but it's nothing like Splash Mountain or those kind of rides.  For someone who hates drops, I love this ride.

Expedition Everest
Roller coaster that takes you through the mountains.  Beware you may run into a Yeti!

Height Requirements: 44"
FP+ Available: Available and high recommended.  There is a single rider line that normally moves pretty quicker.
Fear Factor: Kind of intense and does go backwards at points.

DinoLand USA

Finding Nemo The Musical
Live stage musical telling the story of Finding Nemo.

Height Requirements: None
FP+ Available: Available, but not really needed.  It's a huge theater and you'll be able to find a seat somewhere.
Fear Factor: Not scary at all

Primeval Whirl
Jerky mouse coaster that also spins you.  Do not ride if you have any neck or back problems.

Height Requirements: 48"
FP+ Available: Available, but not really needed.
Fear Factor: Looks like a kid's roller coaster, but it's actually pretty intense.  It whips you around corners while spinning you in circle. Not fun at all.

Triceratops Spin
Just like Dumbo.  Ride in a dinosaur in a circle

Height Requirements: None
FP+ Available: Not Available
Fear Factor: If you don't like heights or spinning in circles, skip this one.

Ride through history with dinosaurs.  Can be jerky in areas.

Height Requirements: 40"
FP+ Available: Available
Fear Factor: Animatronic dinosaurs jump out at your in areas.  Very jerky and rough.

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