Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello New House!

Well, let me start off this blog post with apologizing for not posting last week.  I promise I have a good excuse though.  After a long week of going back and forth with the bank on employment issues, we finally closed on our house on Thursday!

There are still a few small touch-ups that they need to do in the house (fix our granite backsplash and do some painting/cabinet touch-ups) and add a new gate to the fence since we're still having the flooding issue, but it's officially ours!

The builder agreed to fixing our landscaping and I'm so much happier with it.  The took out the huge bush in front of the window and added some smaller ones.

The also added a magnolia (my favorite tree) to the front yard.  I can't wait until it starts growing and blooming!

While they were at it, they also added some rose bushes around our water pipes so I wouldn't have to worry about it.

The inside of the house turned out gorgeous.  The builders did a fantastic job.

We don't have the movers scheduled until September 5th, so we have about a week and a half until we move in.  We're slowly moving some boxes over though and I'm working on painting a couple of rooms.  

I'll try to get some posts scheduled for the next few weeks, but please bare with me if there's less posts than normal while we get settled.

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