Tuesday, July 30, 2013

House Updates

After we returned from vacation, one of the first things we did was head over to the house to check on the progress.  The builder had ensured us that the cabinets would be fixed before we returned, so we were excited to see them.

The first thing that we noticed when we walked into the house was that they finished the wood floors.

I was very pleased when I walked into the house to see that our kitchen was almost completely finished!  All the cabinets were fixed, they installed the appliances and sink, and added the granite.  They only things left to complete are to add the faucet to the sink, attach the water to the dishwasher, and add some crown molding to the tops of the cabinets.

They broke one of the pendant lights which you can see in the above picture.  They have a new one on order so it should be fixed soon.

One of my favorite features of the kitchen is our trash drawer.  It has two trash cans included, one for trash and one for recycling.

I'm so excited to start organizing this kitchen!

They also fixed the cabinets in both of our bathrooms as well as added the countertops.  No sinks in there yet though.

In addition to the cabinets being fixed, we received some resolution from the builder on our other issues.  

They have reconfigured our fence and we're going to have to pay a few hundred dollars more.  I'm a little disappointed that our fence is going to be more expensive now, but I'll be very happy to have it installed when we move in.

They're also going to give us some additional options for how our posts on the front porch are going to look.  I'll be happy with anything compared to what we have now!

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