Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scrapbook Paper Dry Erase Calendar

We've had so many appointments and plans to remember, I knew we needed a central calendar that both J and I could look at.   I had the perfect spot, some spare frames, and some scrapbook paper, so I sat down and created these beauties.

I apologize for the horrible pictures.  We have absolutely no natural light where these are located.

I measured the frames and then cut the scrapbook paper down to size and made sure they would all fit into the frame.  Then, I took the fake picture that comes with the frames and flipped it around so that I would have a white surface to work on.  I glued the strips of scrapbook paper to the white background, leaving a small gap between each strip.  Then I just made some circles using my Cricut and glued them on.

Seal the frame back up and then you can add the dates and appointments to your calendars.  I decided to use one for the current week and one for next week so that we could plan ahead.  You could make one, two, or even four if you want to cover an entire month.

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