Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Colorization Choices

Before they start the build process, we had to go through the colorization process to design our house.  Now this sounds like a blast, but it was hard as heck!  It’s hard to imagine what all these small samples will look like when they’re actually in your house.

The first thing we had to design was the exterior of our house.

We knew that we wanted a grey house, so this was actually one of the easier processes.  We chose a light gray for the main color and also for the shingles on the gable above the garage.  Then, for the other gable, we chose a little bit of a darker gray.  These will be accented with a dark gray stone.

We chose a craftsman style front door, which will be painted in black.  Our garage door will also have some black accents, which will help tie them together.  The windows on the door, house, and garage will also help tie all the pieces together.

After we finished with the exterior, we moved on to the interior, which was the hard part!

For the kitchen, we chose espresso cabinets with Giallo Ornamental A granite, which is a light tan color.

Our kitchen will have stainless steel appliances and will have a brushed nickel facuet.

For both of our bathrooms, we chose a beige tile for the floors, shower, and bathtub, which will be accented by a small strip of glass tile (the bottom one on the board).  The bathrooms will have the same espresso cabinets as our kitchen and will be topped off with pearla piazza laminate countertops.

The guest bathroom will have the standard faucets that come with our package.

The master bathroom shower and tub will have the standard faucets that come with our package, but we upgraded the sink faucets.

Throughout the majority of the house, we will have sand and finish hardwood floors.  In the bedrooms though, we decided on a tan carpet.

The builder only allows us to choose one color to paint the entire house (unless you pay extra), so we will be painting it Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige.  It’s a nice neutral color and will be easy to paint over for those rooms that I want to change.

It’s hard to picture now, but I think when the house is finished all of our choices will tie together very nicely.  And I was very proud that we spent less than $1000 in upgrades, so we stayed on budget!  In the end, we decided to upgrade the carpet padding to help prolong the life of the carpet, upgraded our sink faucets in the master bathroom, and also decided to add on undercabinet lighting in the kitchen.

Hopefully now that the colorization is done, they’ll be laying the foundation soon!

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