Sunday, April 15, 2012

Contacting Companies for Coupons 2012

Contacting companies is a great way to get high value coupons.  These coupons also normally have long expiration dates, so you can hold on to them until you find a good sale.  Companies will normally honor coupon requests once a year.

Last time I posted about contacting companies for coupons, I contacted 48 companies and received coupons from half of them.  Some of these companies even sent coupons for completely free products!

My goal this year is to contact 250 companies.  I will do a post every Sunday to recap what companies I have contacted so far and what kind of coupons I have received.

Most of the companies I am contacting, I'm sending an email complimenting their products.  There are a few that I'm sending a complaint to.  Also, if I haven't tried one of their products,  I'm sending an inquiry asking if they have any coupons or samples so that I can try one of their products.

I started emailing companies on April 7th and this is a picture of what I've received so far.

Here is my current list of companies contacted:

1. 4C (compliment) -- 7 coupons for $1 off any 4C product and 7 coupons for $1 off any 4C Totally Light product
2. 7Up (compliment)
3. 9 Lives (compliment)
4. Act II (compliment)
5. Aidells (compliment) -- 2 free coupons
6. Airborne (compliment)
7. Airwick (complaint)
8. Al Fresco (inquiry)
9. Alexia (compliment)
10. All (inquiry)
11. Almond Accents (compliment)
12. Alouette Cheese (compliment)
13. Always (compliment)
14. Angel Soft (inquiry)
15. Annies (complaint)
16. Aquafresh (compliment)
17. Argo (compliment)
18. Arizona Tea (compliment)
19. Aussie (inquiry)
20. Aveeno (compliment)
21. Babybel (compliment)
22. Backaid (compliment)
23. Ball Park (compliment) -- 1 coupon for $1 off any Sara Lee Sweet Goods, Sara Lee Deli, Ball Park, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, or State Farm product
24. Barber Foods (compliment)
25. Barilla (compliment)
26. Bear Naked (inquiry)

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