Monday, November 7, 2011

Scentsy Review and Giveaway

I've always been a candle girl, so when I heard about Scentsy, I was intrigued.  There are 80 different scents to choose from and no risk of fire!  I knew I had to try it out.

Jennifer, a scentsy consultant, sent me a full-size warmer and a couple scents to try out in my home.

I've been using Scentsy in my house for about a week now and I'm hooked!

The first scent I tried out in my warmer was Baked Apple Pie.  I placed 3 cubes from the bar into the warmer and let them melt.  Within about 30 minutes, my entire apartment smelled like apple pie.  If you didn't know, you would have thought I would have been baking one.  Great scent for the holidays!

The second scent I tried out was Camu Camu.  It had more of a sweet fruity smell to it.  I used 3 cubes again and let them melt.  This scent did not fill up my apartment as much as the apple pie.  It smelled delicious, but definitely did not travel as far.

Last but not least, I tried Autumn Stroll.  I placed 1 cube of this scent into my warmer.  It filled my apartment with smells of the holidays.  I'm not even sure how to describe this one, but it was wonderful.  With one cube, the scent didn't seem to last as long, so if you're using a full-size warmer, I recommend you use more than one cube.  3 seemed like a good number to me.

One of my favorite things about Scentsy is that when you want to switch out scents, all you have to do is pour the melted wax back into the bar.  It will cool and mold back into its shape so you can use it again later.  No wasted wax!

Scentsy using a low-watt bulb in their warmers, so there's no open flame.  This is fantastic if you have kids or pets and are worried about burning candles around them.  Since there's no smoke, this is great for those with allergies.

I would highly recommend Scentsy over your traditional candles.  I love how I don't have to worry about leaving it on when I'm in another room.


Jennifer graciously offered a giveaway to one lucky reader.  Jennifer is giving away 3 Scentsy bars for you to enjoy in your Scentsy warmer.

Use the Rafflecopter form to enter.  The giveaway will run through November 18th.  The giveaway is open to US residents only.


  1. Man I have been so intrigued by Scentsy but never have gone and bought any. Would love to try it out!

  2. I'd like to try one of the holiday scents!

  3. Never used Scentsy but I love candles so I'd love to try Scentsy!

  4. I like nature's haven warmer.
    Happy Birthday!
    pam from MBS