Monday, July 18, 2011

Essentials Box

Stuff is hard to find when you're moving and the last thing you want to do is search for towels when you're wanting to take a shower after a long day of lugging heavy furniture.

An "Essentials Box" is an imperative part of a non-stressful move.  It should be the last box you pack into the moving truck and the first one you take out.  Make sure you put it in a prominent place in your new house so that you can easily find it when you need it.

Some of the things that you should pack in your essentials box:
Toilet paper -- You don't want to be without that!
Hand soap
Two hand towels -- You'll want one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen
Cleaning supplies (sponge, all-purpose spray, dish soap)
Paper towels
Disposable plates and silverware -- You don't have to worry about unpacking plates immediately
Shower curtain and towels -- So you can take a shower after a long day of moving
Small emergency kit -- In case anyone gets injured
Change of clothes for each person
Garbage bags -- You will have a lot of trash while unpacking
Portable tool kit and a box cutter -- Put furniture together and open boxes
Cell phone chargers
Water and snacks

Anything else that you would put in an essentials box?


  1. wow...that is a great list ! Having just redone my kitchen i can relate. house was a mess and we tried hard to put "essentials" in one spot. i echo the paper towels, garbage bags, TP (of course!), and cell phone chargers. when your life is flipped upside down during a move or rennovation its really hard to find things and you need to be sure to have the essentials on hand. I would add to this list medication (advil for the inevitable headache !!! )

  2. Medicines! You definitely don't want to have to dig for them if you need them.

  3. Medicines should definitely be in the box. Great addition ladies!