Saturday, February 12, 2011

CSN Stores Review

CSN Stores graciously sent me a gift card so that I could review a product for you.  I'm been wanting a CZ wedding band for a while so that I could wear it when I don't feel comfortable or can't wear my regular wedding band.  We go on a lot of cruises and I will not wear my wedding set on a cruise.  I'm terrified I will lose it or it will get stolen. 

So, I used my gift card to buy me a CZ wedding band.  That way I can wear a wedding band while not being concerned about losing it.  This ring was under $50, so if something happens, it wouldn't cost that much to replace it.

It has the same kind of style as my real wedding band, but it's a good bit skinnier.  I like it because it has just the right amount of bling.

I'm very happy with my choice.  CSN Stores had a good bit of rings to choose from, but I'm glad I decided to get one that is similar to my real band.  Very good quality and not expensive at all.  So, if you're looking at buying a second band to wear, I would definitely check out the selection at CSN Stores.

Do you wear your expensive jewelry on vacation?  If so, are you ever worried about something happening to it?

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  1. We're going on a cruise this summer and I'm definitely wanting to get an inexpensive band. I'm like you, I don't want to wear my nice one, and lose it or something!I think I'll check out the CSN Stores. :D