Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disney's Magic Kingdom

Our second theme park visited was Disney World.  We have been to Animal Kingdom the past few years, so we decided we needed to change it up this year.  I hadn't been to Magic Kingdom since 2005 and J hadn't been since 1999.  So, we decided that Magic Kingdom would be the one.

Warning for your future vacations: DO NOT GO TO DISNEY AROUND CHRISTMAS!!!!  The park was completely packed.  You pretty much had to keep moving in the walkways because there were so many people.  There wasn't a single ride that had a wait time shorter than 90 minutes.  It was ridiculous!  We ended up leaving around 2pm because we just couldn't handle the crowds anymore.

We got to the park as soon as it opened to the public so it wasn't too crowded to start with.  We were able to do all the rides in Adventure Land.  The longest wait was for Pirates of the Caribbean and that was only about 20 minutes.

After we were done in Adventure Land, it was time for the Christmas parade.  We were lucky to have an awesome spot to watch the parade from and were able to get some great pictures.

After the parade, we went over to Tom Sawyer island to walk around for a little while.  This would be a cool place to take food to eat lunch and get away from the crowds.

After we got done on Tom Sawyer Island, we walked around for a little bit and then ate lunch.  Disney allows you to bring in your own food, so we did that to save some money.  Park food can be so expensive!

We were bummed that we didn't get to do more, but the crowds were just too unbearable.  We'll have to go again sometime soon.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. It is busy that time of year. I've been many times and loved it. It's a good time to go if you enjoy the hours, Christmas theming, but it does need to be planned for.
    I do hope you'll visit again it can be very magical. Also, if you don't want to bring your own food. Dining portions are large and can be shared.

  2. I hate parades so I always plan my trip around the parade (lines get so short during parades!) and we never go during the holidays (unless family/friends are in town). Since we're only a few hours away, we'll go during a random day off in the fall - its the best time to go because there are absolutely no lines. And I can never decide on my favorite park - they're all so fun!