Monday, July 26, 2010

Dining Room Tables

We have had the same dining room table since my sophomore year of college.  My roommate and I owned it together before I brought over to my place with my husband.  It has served us well, but it has seen better days.

So, now we're on the hunt for a new dining room table.  I'm having a heck of a time finding something I want that's not too expensive.

Here are a few that are on my radar.  I want something that is dark wood and has a good number of chairs.  I want it to be able to last us a good while because dining room tables are not cheap.
Target for $700

Target for $370
Walmart for $179

Walmart for $180

Where did you get your dining room table from and how much did it cost?


  1. We don't have on yet, but when we do, I'll probably use one of the plans on If you're handy, you can save major bucks doing it yourself.

  2. My grandparents got a new set so we got their older mahogany (beautiful) table with an extension and 5 chairs. Before that I had a 20 ikea table I got off craigslist.

    We are SUPER cheap :)

  3. Great finds! This is one area I like to really splurge. Potterybarn has such great quality furniture that I love. I can't wait to buy some pieces from them when we get our house.

  4. I am all about IKEA. If there is one near you, I would definitely check it out!

  5. I got mine on craigs list. It is like brand new. I love it and it cost 350 for us the lady we bought it from gave us the receipt for what she paid for it and it was $1,500.00 with the 6 chairs and it has 2 leafs for it so it can expand to sit 8 to 10. Ours isn't dark but it is solid oak. It was in perfect condition. Good luck hunting.

  6. Those all look like great options. Aren’t furniture upgrades fun? We just got new couches and made some other improvements. I finally feel like I’m living in an adult’s home, not a college apartment. Our table set was actually passed on from Stephen's parents a few years ago, and is still in good shape.

  7. Our dining room table set is one we purchased from a co-workers of my husband when we first got married and were military. It's now 6 yrs later and we have taken it with us to our new home! it is definitely time for a new one but just havent found the right one. But we do have our eye on one at Ikea. Hopefully we can decide soon because our old one really needs to be sanded and restained or painted. Its seen better days.

  8. Ours is from IKEA. They have lots of awesome ones for less than $300. Ours was about $160 with the chairs, but its just a 4 seater, as that's all we can fit in here.

    IKEA is the way to go, and somethings can be shipped from their website.

  9. We got ours from Sears during a sale and I absolutely love it! And it was really reasonably priced for 6 chairs.