Monday, June 14, 2010

On the Hunt for Pumpkin

I'm a self-proclaimed pumpkin-aholic.  Give me a pumpkin pie and I could easily eat the entire thing myself.  This weekend, I decided that I needed to bake with some pumpkin.

So, off I went to Publix to find pumpkin.  I wanted to make some delicious pumpkin scones and then some pumpkin biscotti with the leftovers from the can.

Well, guess what they didn't have any cans of?  

Apple.  Nope, plenty of that.  

Blueberries.  Plenty of that as well.  

Pumpkin.  None at all. 

I remember we had a huge shortage last year because of something that went bad with the crops, but there were plenty during the holidays.  Why take it off the shelf now?  Pumpkin is not just a holiday food.  Some people (like me), like to eat it year round.

So, now the hunt for pumpkin begins.  If I have to, I'm going to go to every store in town to find me a can of pumpkin.

And I'm going to remember to stock up heavily next holiday season.


  1. I couldn't find any ANYWHERE (my top 3 groceries) but found it at the GHETTO grocery store near us. If that helps? LOL

  2. Hey Ashley! I have 2 cans pumpkin in my pantry right now! If you want a can, you can have it! I usually have a few cans on hand for the dogs. Just let me know if you want one!

  3. Kristin,
    If I can't find any, I will definitely take you up on that. Thanks!