Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy House Cleaning: Week 2 Recap

I am doing disgustingly bad at this challenge.  Doing these tasks would make a huge difference in our household, but I never remember to do them.

Anyone have any tips on how to remember to do my tasks?  Maybe I could do a spreadsheet every week with the tasks, keep it on my fridge, and mark it off with a star when I'm done.  Actually, that might not be a bad idea.

We were out of town for 3 days, so my tasks were only out of 4 days this week.  

My Stats
Make the Bed: 1/4
Empty the sink: 0/4
Bonus task: Wipe off the appliances: 0/1

The day the bed got made was a day that my hubby felt the urge to make it.  Not sure why.  

If we emptied the sink every night, it would make such a huge difference in our household.  Our dishes just start to pile up until one of us go on a huge washing dishes spree.  We really need to get the hang of this one because our house will look so much better!

For week 3, the added challenge is to clear the clutter.  For me, that will include tidying up the area where we drop our bags when we get home and picking up any dirty clothes off the bedroom floor.  I'm bad about changing into something new when I get home and just leaving my work clothes lying next to the bed.  Need to fix that!


  1. I think the trick, at least for me, is when you're done with a meal/dish clean it or put it in the dishwasher immediately. My big problem with the dishes stems from the loads of kidlet dishes I get from my home daycare and then there isn't enough room for our dinner dishes. Plus...we wash our pots and pans, cooking utensils and knives by it tends to be a pain.
    I make my side of the bed when I get out of it in the morning...and after my shower if dh isn't up yet, I kick him out and do up his side.
    Don't beat yourself's called a challenge for a reason! LOL

  2. Ok, I have a completely off-topic question/comment...

    I'm pretty much trying to copy your layout... I drooled over the super cute templates at A Blog to Brag About! Now, I'm trying to upload a font from for my post titles and I can't get it to work. I'd love to hear how you changed the font on your header and post titles, if you don't mind sharing!

    Thanks : )

  3. Oh and I would love to hear about how you can change the font on your post titles too! If you don't mind sharing your secret that is.

  4. Love your blogs! Maybe an idea to remember how to do the task is by putting sticky notes on your fridge or bathroom mirror. That way you see them every morning or night and can check them off each day. Just a thought! Good luck!

  5. might be of help if you want reminders, they also email your chore list out each week and you can categorize them, prioritize them, etc.

    Also google calendar will email you reminders if that's what's keeping you from completing the tasks.

  6. Thanks for the tips everyone!

    And I didn't change the font on my post titles. The layout came with that font.

  7. You can do this! If you do it right after dinner, it seems to help.

  8. I took some pretty scrapbook paper and fun ink pens, and made a pretty list, with the days and each task. I also went ahead and added in her challenge tasks under Daily Duties. I hung it up on the wall with a ribbon, so it's a pretty yet useful reminder to get things done :)