Monday, June 7, 2010

Hanging Wall Art

This weekend, we finally got around to exchanging/returning some of our wedding presents. 

We received these gorgeous pieces of wall art, but sadly they were scratched.  So, off we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to exchange them for some that were in good shape.  The exchange was really easy.  They just gave us the money as a return and then we went and re-bought them like a normal purchase.

I decided to hang them as soon as we got home.  This space has been so plain for the longest time and it definitely needed something there.  These worked perfectly in that area and I love them!

What do you decorate the walls with in your house?  I've noticed most of ours are bare.


  1. Ours are bare, too! With the exception of a clock, we've got nothin'. I've got tons of frames and artwork from etsy, but we have yet to hang it... I think I'm afraid to put holes in the walls and then change my mind!

  2. Our walls are mostly bare too. I have a couple wall decals, a really pretty picture coat rack, and a couple prints from Hobby Lobby. Our bedroom has matching Shane and Megan NYC scenes from my trip to NYC. And that's it! Our landlord isn't keen on holes in the walls.