Thursday, June 24, 2010

Carnival Dream Main Dining Room (Post #3)

The next night I ordered my other go-to appetizer on Carnival, which is their Ceasar salad.  Some people complain that it has too much anchovy taste, but I really enjoy it.  Their croutons have the perfect crunch to them too.  J ordered the chicken tenders marinated in thai spices.  He said they were good, but a very small appetizers.

For our entrees, I ordered the veal parmigiana and J ordered the penne with tomato and vodka sauce.  I learned that night that apparently do not like veal.  I barely ate any of my dinner and I actually ended up getting sick later that night.  Not sure if the sickness had anything to do with the dinner, but I like to believe it did.  So this was my first and last night of ever eating veal.

For dessert, I had the infamous warm chocolate melting cake.  I've finally learned to make it at home, so I don't ordered near as much on a cruise as I used to.  J ordered a chocolate raspberry creme cake that he absolutely adored.

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