Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: Week 1 Recap

For Week 1 of the Happy House Cleaning Challenge, we were supposed to make our bed every day for the week.  So, how many times do you think I did it?

Not a single one.  I completely failed this challenge.  Oops.

My Stats:
Make the bed: 0/7

Well, now this week, she has added some more challenges, so I need to get onto making the bed, as well as completing the other challenges for week two.

So, for week two, I'm supposed to make the bed for 7 days, clean out the sink for 7 days, and wipe down the appliances.

I think I can do this.  The bed was made this morning so that is a start.  I'm going on vacation this weekend though, so I definitely won't make it 7 days, since 2-3 of those I'll be out of town for.


  1. my stats was 2/7. Who knew making your bed everyday would be so hard. Am like you, will do better next week. Cant wait to see how i do next week. I love your menu planning for the week.I think i need to get on board with that. Might help lose the 10lbs post wedding weight. Yikes!!!

  2. I don't know... I think if you are out of town, you just need to delete those days. Like, my bed making will be out of 5 days this week because I was gone two mornings. And I found it easy to make my bed - but I see emptying my sink making it much harder, as my dishwasher isn't functional yet!

  3. I would love to do the making the bed challenge but since I leave the house before my husband I would have to wait until I get home from work :-( but I can clean out my sink each night and wipe down my appliances.